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“Welcome to MEDCOM Health-care”

We offer a flexible, tailor-made medical service with the highest standards of quality. MEDCOM has designed several Health-Care Programs using top notch technologies at fair affordable prices, mainly intended to serve the ever-changing demands of the Egyptian market for both the corporate entities as well as the individuals and families.

A Message From The Board

Since Healthcare cover is increasingly becoming a necessity not a luxury, to be able to cope with the continuous increase in medical expenses, MedCom’s has dedicated itself to the development of the right health product for each segment of the society, a good management of its operations, as well as an efficient, objective and fair claims settlement service.

MedCom is dedicated to making the healthcare system work better, suitable & available to everyone. The company directs its resources into designing products, providing services and applying technologies that:

 Improve access to healthcare and well-being services;
 Simplify the healthcare experience;
 Promote quality service at affordable prices.

Corporate & Groups

MEDCOM  Health-Care has the pleasure to offer Corporate Health-Care solutions that meet the needs of Human Resource Managers and fulfill their health cover requirements in respect to their employees.
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Family & Individuals

Medcom is committed to develop a more customer-friendly healthcare market designed to empower individuals and families. We understand your needs and requirements; you and your family can depend on us to give you access to quality & affordable healthcare services.
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